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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked question about our book cover templates. If you have questions that are not on this page, you can submit them on our contact page.

What is a cover template?

Book cover templates (also known as pre-made book covers) make it easy for authors on a budget to benefit from a professional cover design.

Can I edit the cover myself?

All of our covers are in .psd format and can be edited using Photoshop or Gimp (Gimp is a free editing software available for both PC and Mac).

How long until I receive my cover?

You should receive your cover in less than 30 minutes from the time of your payment. If you don’t receive your cover, contact us.

Will other authors be allowed to use the same cover?

If you buy an Exclusive Licenses, no. An Exclusive License ensures that you are the only author who has purchased that cover design. However, if you purchase a standard Book License, others can also purchase the same cover design. All of our covers have fully editable files, so you can customize the cover as much as you would like. Which means you can purchase a standard Book License and customize it so that even if others purchase the same design, you’d never be able to tell!

What is included with my purchase?

All license purchases include a front cover, back cover and spine, along with all commercial free fonts used for your artwork. They are all print-ready at 300 DPI.

Can you edit my cover or add images to the design?

Yes! Our customization packages are created just for this purpose. With your customization license we will alter your cover to your specifications and format it to the requirements of your printer. These licenses also come with two stock photos which can be added to your purchased design.

Are these covers created for electronic or printed books?

Both! Our covers are high resolution for printed books, and can be easily scaled down to fit the requirements for ebooks.

How do I pay for my cover?

Paypal is our payment gateway, which means you can pay using your Paypal account or a credit card.

Where do I get the barcode for the back of my book?

As long as you have your 13 digit ISBN number you can easily create a barcode for free here.